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NEXT Japan Magazine Interview With GPNi® CEO & Co-Founder

12 Apr,2022

NEXT Japanese Magazine Interview with GPNi® CEO

A Word from The Founder CEO & Co-Founder Drew Campbell

It was a great pleasure to be interviewed with NEXT Magazine by Fitness Club in Japan. NEXT Magazine is the largest fitness education magazine in Japan. 

It was a great pleasure sharing the Global Performance Nutrition Institute (GPNi®) story and the fantastic news of the ISSN course certifications available exclusively online through the GPNi® online portal in Japan in May this year.

NEXT Magazine is distributed monthly to 140,000 fitness professionals in Japan. 
The issue of this interview will be going out in May in timing with SPORTEC, one of Japan’s largest fitness expos. 

An additional 60,000 copies will be distributed in May, making for 200,000 copies total sent to fitness professionals in Japan. We are big fans and supporters of NEXT Magazine in Japan and look forward to working with them on more collaborations in the future.

You can learn more about NEXT Magazine here: see previous issues here:


We are hugely excited to be now offering the #1 sports and performance nutrition courses and certifications globally for the first time in Japan and the Japanese language. The team at GPNi®, our partners in Japan, Dr. Seiji, and his team have been hard at work preparing everything and translating everything. It’s not easy work, though it works well worthwhile by allowing, for the very first time in history, Japanese fitness professionals to have access to the leading sports nutrition science and be certified.


You find the Japanese GPNi® official website on or by scanning the QR code below. The online course in Japan will be available in May this year with Japanese COHORT and local expert lectures to help with the “live” sessions. GPNi® Japan and the ISSN will be working closely with a variety of fitness institutes as well, including the prestige’s NSCA Japan. 
The ISSN-SNS Level-1 Double Certification course by the GPNi® has already had Continued Education Credits approved by NSCA Japan.

More news is coming soon for GPNi® Japan. 

The Global Performance Nutrition Institute (GPNi®) is dedicated to growing with the international community to ensure there is always a bridge and never a barrier to authentic sports nutrition education programs. Whether country border, time zone, or language, at GPNi®, we focus on bringing the best education programs together with 360°education solutions for performance nutrition!


The GPNi® now offers the ISSN certification courses in these territories and countries online and talks with many more.

  • United States
  • Canada 
  • Australia & New Zealand (ANZ)
  • Japan 
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • China Mainland 
  • Hong Kong 
  • Taiwan


The best way to ensure the actual global ability is to do it with partners. Those on the ground, in the trenches, know the local customs, language, and social media. We are working with the GPNi® courses, technology solutions, as the ISSN as the authorities in sports nutrition globally grow things locally from the global foundation! If you are in the fitness education game, get in touch with us to learn more about our Regional Partner program. Please send us an email at or check out the website here:

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