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Groundbreaking: Hemp Protein - the Super Protein


It is a protein source obtained from cold pressing hemp seeds. Oil is extracted from hemp seeds and the remaining seed meal is processed into powder.

Hemp protein is a super plant based protein source that generates a close to zero carbon food print and is minimally processed in contrast to all other sou


Carnivore Diet | We Should ONLY Eat Meat. Wait, What?

Introduction to the controversial carnivore diet

You may have heard about this diet before as it has not long ago been popularized by many public figures like Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, Paul Saladino, and more recently,  Georges St. Pierre (one of the greatest combat athletes of all time in case you haven’t heard about him). These folks as many others claim the big benefit


Body composition changes in physically active individuals consuming ketogenic diets: a systematic review



To achieve ideal strength/power to mass ratio, athletes may attempt to lower body mass through reductions in fat mass (FM), while maintaining or increasing fat-free mass (FFM) by manipulating their training regimens and diets. Emerging evidence suggests that consumption of high-fat, ketogenic diets (KD) may be advantageous for reducing body mass and FM,