Why We Are Different

Truly Global Education Institute 

The Global Performance Nutrition Institute (GPNi®) is the first to be a genuinely global education solution for performance nutrition. English is considered the language of science, which is essential; however, the world is not entirely made up of English speakers, thus limiting access to billions of potential students wanting to upgrade their qualifications and ability. 

The GPNi® is dedicated to being the global bridge online for all students to access the world’s best research-backed study, the world’s best experts, and the world’s #1 global network in the field of sports nutrition. 

Below is the world’s approximate population for “native language” speakers below the top 9 world languages. Though many natively speak one language and speak English, other language options are essential for a more native and accurate education offering. 

  • Mandarin Chinese 12.3%
  • Spanish 6%
  • English 5.1%
  • Arabic 5.1%
  • Hindi 3.5% 
  • Bengali 3.3%
  • Portuguese 3%
  • Russian 2.1%
  • Japanese 1.7% 


As of 2021, the GPNi® offers whole language and native-level support and “live teaching” in: 

  • English 
  • Chinese Mandarin / Simplified Chinese Characters. 


2022 Onwards GPNi® language offerings will extend to: 


  • Japanese 
  • Chinese Mandarin / Traditional Chinese Characters 
  • Chinese Cantonese / Traditional Chinese Characters
  • Korean 
  • Spanish 

With local language support and an extensively trained and qualified teacher network in every central region of the world, ensure to get the best, most authentic, and accurate performance nutrition certification with the GPNi®.  





For more information about language support in your region, or if you are a potential Country Partner looking to represent the GPNi® through our franchising and “Country Partner Program,” please get into contact with Us Here. 

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