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GPNi® Global Expert Lectures & Advisors 

Dr. Jose Antonio


Dr. Antonio is a chief executive officer and co-founder of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, an academic nonprofit dedicated to the science and application of sports nutrition and supplementation. In addition, he is the co-founder and vice president of the Society for Neurosports, an academic nonprofit with a focus on sports neuroscience.

Dr. Roger Adams

Ph.D. in Nutrition, CISSN

In December of 2004, Dr. Roger Adams life-long goal was obtaining a Ph.D. in Nutrition. He a member, as well as certified by the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) with the highest certification available by ISSN, CISSN certification, also known as the Sports Nutritionist.

Dr. Robert Wildman


Dr. Robert Wildman served as Chief Science Officer for Post Active Nutrition which includes Dymatize, PowerBar, Premier Protein, and Supreme Protein for almost 10years. Rob is now the Founder & CEO of TYM Performance Nutrition, a high-quality, science-backed sports nutrition brand for athletes.

Dr. Trisha VanDusseldorp


Dr. Trisha VanDusseldorp is an Associate Professor of Exercise Science and B.S. Exercise Science Program Director at Kennesaw State University (KSU). She currently serves as the ISSN President. Trisha earned her B.S. in Exercise Science from Southwest Minnesota State; M.S. in Human Performance – Applied Sport Science from the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse; and Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology from the University of New Mexico. Dr. Trisha is also the current ISSN President, from 2021-2023.

Dr. Vince Kreipke


Dr. Kreipke (“Dr. Vince”) received his Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology with a focus in Sports Nutrition in 2016 from Florida State University. During this time, his research focused on the efficacy of dietary interventions, such as nutritional supplementation and protein intake, and exercise on body composition, metabolism, and human performance. More recently, Dr. K has expanded his research to include the role of various dietary ingredients to enhance other aspects of daily living, such as cognitive performance and general health.

Cassie Evans


Cassie Evans is a registered dietitian and a published researcher. She studied sports nutrition and completed an internship with the University of Miami’s Sports Nutrition team and Nova Southeastern University’s sports performance team. She holds a bachelor of science in Exercise and Sports Science and received her CISSN in 2018. She is currently pursuing her doctorate in Human and Sports Performance from the Rocky Moutinan University of Health Professions.

Rick Collins


Rick Collins, Esq., FISSN is a popular personality in the bodybuilding, health, fitness and nutrition communities. A successful lawyer, author, lecturer and magazine columnist, he is a partner in the law firm of Collins, McDonald & Gann, PC, in Mineola, New York. He was formerly a criminal prosecutor, personal trainer and film actor.

Erica Stump


Ms. Stump practices primarily in the area of compliance and defense of matters under the statutes enforced by the United States Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission for dietary supplement companies. She also focuses on intellectual property matters, including trademark, trade dress, trade secret, and copyright litigation and trademark prosecution.

Dr. Izumi Suzuki


Registered dietitian. Japan Sports Association certified sports nutritionist. Ph.D. (Sports and Health Sciences). Nutrition advisor for J League Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo (top team). As a part-time staff at the Tochigi Sports Medical Science Center, she is in charge of a wide range of medical science support from juniors to top athletes. The main research field is performance nutrition in professional soccer players.

Dr. Tokiko Shinjo


Registered dietitian ・ Japan Sports Association certified sports nutritionist ・ Ph.D. (Sports and Health Science) ・ Collaborative Researcher at Juntendo University, Department of Sport and Health Science ・ Nutrition Advisor for Yokohama F. Marinos (J League) ・ Lecturer, Tokyo Health Science College While focusing on dietary support for athletes and education of sports nutrition, she publishes topics on food and health to a wide range of age groups such as children and parents.

Tony Attridge

BHMS(Ed)(Hons) MPSORT&EXPSYCH eMBA Dip Fitness Dip Business JP(Qual)

Tony Attridge is passionate about the fitness industry and does his part to ensure there are well-educated professionals out there by owning his own registered training organisation, The College of Health and Fitness, and lecturing at major universities in Australia. Tony has a unique skill set: he is a qualified exercise physiologist, sports psychologist, CISSN nutritionist, Level 3 Elite strength and conditioning coach, and Level 2 altitude training coach, ISAK qualified and is also a qualified teacher. This combination of skills enables him to apply specific training principles and get into the heads of his clients to elicit their absolute best. He has co-authored Fitness Trainer Essentials for the Personal Trainer, which is now in its 4th edition. Tony has trained athletes at every Olympic Games since 1992, as well as at Commonwealth Games, and has trained many other elite athletes, and fitness and bodybuilding competitors.

Erin Brealey


Erin Brealey is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) Accredited Sports Dietitian (AccSD) and Qualified Personal Trainer. Prior to working as a nutrition professional, Erin worked as a personal trainer specialising in strength training. Erin holds a Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics (Hons) from Queensland University of Technology and a post-graduate qualification as a Sports Dietitian and is registered with Dietitians Australia and Sports Dietitians Australia. Erin also obtained her CISSN as an additional post-graduate qualification to better provide her athlete clients with a deeper level of sports nutrition advice. Erin currently runs her own dietetic private practice in Brisbane, Australia and travels to regional Queensland to provide services to athletes in more rural and regional towns. Erin’s passion lies in working with adolescents and women in sport.

Steven Shen


ISSN Sports Nutrition lecturer; Certified Sports Nutritionist(CISSN); Founder of Amazing Body; Director of Beijing Bodybuilding Association; Trainer of China Physical Education Training Center; Ali Sports nutrition tasting officer; Sina Sports Supplement Research Institute keynote speaker

Peng Xie


ISSN Sports Nutrition lecturer; Certified Sports Nutritionist(CISSN); Dietitian of Chinese National team for 2024 Paris Olympic Games (rowing, canoeing, wrestling, women's volleyball); Dietitian for the Chinese National team for 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games (rowing, canoeing); Director of Beijing Bodybuilding Association, National first-class judge; Beijing Weightlifting Association, National first-class judge; Acsm-Casm Chinese CPT trainer; Nutrition lecturer of 2021 Elite Youth Training Class for Coaches of Chinese Football Association

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