GPNi® Student Review PNE Level-1 with ISSN-SNS

Student deep-dive review from Lenka Suta on her experience studying with the GPNi and being certified with the PNE Level-1 + ISSN-SNS. 

Define Your Edge with GPNi®

Grow your career and be educated with the GPNi® courses and ISSN® certifications. Get certified today with the most trusted authority in sports nutrition education with GPNi®!

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PNE Level-1 With ISSN-SNS

Define Your Edge with GPNi®

Grow your career and be educated with the GPNi® and ISSN® course certifications. Get certified today with the most trusted authority in sports nutrition education with GPNi®!

  • Be amongst the global leading network of elite sports nutrition experts and researchers.
  • Learn the most cutting-edge and scientifically backed nutritional strategies.
  • Get direct access to the world’s top Ph.D. experts in performance nutrition with “live” Q&A cohorts.
  • Expand your network and be amongst our global network of students.
  • Professional Membership & Insurance With International Institute for Complementary Therapies (IICT)
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Why Get Certified By The GPNi?

GPNi is the official global online partner of The International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN). The GPNi & ISSN partnership is the world’s first science-backed performance nutrition online education and international certification portal.

GPNi is an all-access portal to begin and advance you in sports nutrition to the elite level with top career opportunities. GPNi certifications & courses are now offered in multiple countries, also languages.

Insurance & Professional Membership with GPNi.  Full sports nutrition professional liability and professional membership in these countries are now available through International Institute for Complementary Therapies (IICT)

GPNi has a unique blend of on-demand content, live tutorials, and classroom-style online solutions to give the most authentic and quality education solution.

Plug into the world’s network of fellow fitness professionals and business owners for career and learning opportunities like no other certification offers. Upgrade your knowledge & global network like no other certification can.

Exclusive access to the world’s most famous and leading sports nutrition researchers and experts through the GPNi “Access to Experts” LIVE tutorials.

Is This Certification For You?

There are many thousands of globally certified students with illustrious GPNi/ISSN double certifications. The PNE Level-1 + ISSN-SNS certification is designed but not limited to:

  • Fitness Professionals & Personal Trainers
  • Amateur & Professional Athletes
  • Nurses & Doctors
  • Health Coaches
  • Registered Dietitians
  • Fitness Lovers
  • Parents Conscious About Health For Their Loved Ones

What Our Certified Students Say

Since 2003, The ISSN® has certified thousands of Sports Nutrition Specialist (SNS), and Sports Nutritionists (CISSN Master Level) across the world, all of which is backed by proven scientific performance nutrition research. Here are just some of our student testimonials! 

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Our Global Experts

“Every day, I engage with athletes in my practice, helping them improve their training, body composition, recovery, and competition performance through nutrition. To be the best athlete, coach, or scientist you can be, you need to constantly improve and refine your practices. A key part of this is receiving the most up today evidenced-based information in your field.”


  • PhD
  • Director Of Education GPNi®


“I am proud to have co-authored the latest version of the all-new ISSN-SNS international certification course by the GPNi®.  For those looking to upgrade yourselves to the elite level and be internationally certified, this is the certification for you.”


Roger Adams, Ph.D. & GPNi® Director Of Education 

What To Expect To Learn

Upon completing the Sports Nutrition Specialist certification, you will have learned many strategies all backed by science and research, covering:


  • Nutrient timing incorporates the use of methodical planning and eating of whole foods, fortified foods, and dietary supplements.
  • The timing of energy intake and the ratio of certain ingested macronutrients may enhance recovery and tissue repair, augment muscle protein synthesis (MPS), and improve mood states following high-volume or intense exercise.
  • Best natural nutritional supplements and whole foods to boost physical performance.
  • Optimal dosages of key nutritional ingredients for maximum efficacy, safety and longevity.
  • The right sports nutrition plan for the right athlete and athletic performance.
  • Traffic light systems on supplementation (products) that are proven to work and backed by science according to ISSN® literature.
  • In-depth understanding of the ISSN® Position Stands.
  • Ethics and best standards of practice for performance nutrition.

Course Delivery & Hours

Total Study Hours = 70+ Hours.

The PNE Level-1 certification can be self-paced, and you can take your time with lifetime access to the course for all up-to-date members.  Most people though, choose to complete this certification within 5-8 months.

                                                                    Additional Benefits With Live Classes: 

  • On-demand video content – 25+ hours
  • Live-streaming class – 10+ hours.
  • Homework & presentations – 15+ hours.
  • Reading & review – approximately – 15-25hours
  • Exam – 1.5hours.
  • Live online tutorials + Q&A with expert lectures
  • Group assignments + new connections with students based globally
  • “It’s Who You Know, Not Just What You Know”


Free Bonuses & Membership

Course Access Gives You

  • GPNi Student Center with full on-demand course access
  • Microsoft Teams exclusive class group for chats and “live” classes
  • Presentation assessment and grading for PNE Level-1 certification
  • Online exam for the ISSN-SNS certification.

Additional Free Bonuses

One-year free GPNi membership - worth USD$99 a year

Membership Includes:

  • Exclusive Access to GPNi online “Members Corner”.
  • Online sports nutrition tools.
  • GPNi-TV sports nutrition conferences of the world (ISSN + Sports Dietician) with over 50 hours of content free.
  • Exclusive Members WhatsApp group.
  • Exclusive Facebook Private Members Group.
  • 2.5 CEC upon renewal.
  • Once a month ability to GPNi “Ask an Expert” a private question.


(Only Available For Those That Have Paid 100% Of Their Tuition Fees)

Click Here To Learn More About The GPNi Membership & GPNi Members Corner Benefits.

World’s #1 Global Learning Portal For Performance Nutrition

The Global Performance Nutrition Institute (GPNi®) is the very first in the world to be a truly global education solution for performance nutrition. English is considered the language of science, which is essential, but the world is not entirely made up of English speakers, thus limiting access to billions of potential students wanting to upgrade their qualifications and abilities.

Define Your Edge & Stand Out

What Is Your Edge?

The GPNi course curriculum has been created by the world’s elite Ph.D. level in performance nutrition and is based on cutting-edge athletic nutrition research and science. 

If you want to stand out and be amongst the world’s top-level sports and performance nutritionists, these certification courses ARE for you!


Stand Out 

How do you stand out & upgrade yourself in today’s current world?

Whoever has the edge makes it!  But it’s not easy to get to that point, and it can be a tough world without having your own “special identity.” 

Being certified and qualified by the GPNi and the ISSN will help DEFINE YOUR EDGE and stand out in your fitness career!

Recognized Continued Education Credit / Continued Education Units (CEC / CEU)

(subject to NSCA’s local country partner CEC policy)

PNE Level-1 with ISSN-SNS Merchandise & Course Materials

If you wish to receive the complete course materials print-out versions, merchandise, and clothing, this is an optional extra for the PNE Level-1 + ISSN-SNS certification.  You will need to pay USD$149, which will cover all the materials and international logistics costs.  Upon ordering, we will need to receive your full address and details. You will receive the materials within 14 working days from submission.

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Get Internationally Certified

You will need to complete and pass the below to be certified:

  • Pass the exam and receive 75% or above.
  • Complete the homework and presentation plans and receive 75% or above on all practical.


Most of our students pass the first time around; however, in case you don’t, you’ll still have two more tries at the exam. If you do not pass the 3rd time, you will need to contact us to arrange a new exam and pay a small fee to sit again.

GPNi® Payment Plan

GPNi® now offers Payment Plans on all the PNE Level-1 and Level-2 Masters + ISSN international certifications exclusively on the GPNi® platform. For full information about the payment term and pricing for the current upcoming cohorts, don't hesitate to Get In Touch With Us

Pay only 50% to get started RIGHT NOW 50% when you wish to complete the certification and join the "LIVE" classes.  Use Coupon Code "PP50%" at checkout to use the payment plan method. 

For the full terms and conditions of the GPNi® Payment Plan, please visit the FAQ Section of the site or the full in-depth Article Here.

PNE Level-1 With ISSN-SNS Student Testimonials

Thousands Certified Globally.  What Do The Previous Students Say?

The importance of nutrition in performance is well-known, yet most certifications will barely scratch the surface or offer a “Nutrition 101” version of the information. The SNS certification on the GPNi portal is different - the depth of the knowledge you’ll learn in this course goes above and beyond.  It will set you apart as a fitness professional.” ”

Holly Priestland - United Kingdom 

"I am so happy I signed up for the SNS certification. I learned much more about sports nutrition than I had originally imagined.  To grow your career in fitness, where nutrition is often 80% of results, understanding and being certified is key.  Being certified by the global authority is also key.”

Emanuele Mediati - Italy

"I am a health and fitness enthusiast and already am a nutrition coach; however, I wanted specifically to learn about sports nutrition and from the top-level experts and researchers in the game. 

Icee Guinto - USA 

"I am passionate about learning nutrition, specifically wanting to learn more about performance nutrition.  I wanted to learn online as I am busy, also to be internationally certified is why I chose to be certified on the GPNi portal. 

Lenka Suta - Slovakia 

The GPNi® Guarantee

Quality education suppliers guarantee their products. If you are unsatisfied with the course, you will be given a full refund for the digital access. 

That’s our promise. Enroll for the PNE Level-1 + SNS or the PNE Level-2 Masters + CISSN international Certifications for 30 days. If you’re unhappy with what you learn, return your textbooks, and we’ll give you every penny back. We’re confident in what we do, and we stand by our work as we stand by our world-renowned experts and science-backed nutritional research. 

What Continued Education Points Do I Need To Maintain My GPNi® Certification?

To maintain your PNE Level-1 with ISSN-SNS or PNE Level-2 Masters with CISSN international certifications and be considered "active" on the GPNi website, you need to accumulate 10 Continued Education Credits (CECs) Every Two Years.  A complete list of all the CEC requirements and what specific activities you can do to achieve these credits are listed in the GPNi CEC Policy Section Here.

Enrollment Pricing & Upcoming "Live" Cohorts

The official retail price For The Double Certification PNE Level-1 + ISSN-SNS global qualification is USD$1,599 + the optional extra USD$149 for the international logistics and material costs.  Check out the Article Here for the Upcoming Cohort Schedule + early bird pricing and promotions. 


On-Boarding After Enrollment

Upon enrolling, you will receive immediate access to the GPNi® student center with the PNE Level-1 video tutorials. Within the GPNi® student center, you will find many study tools, media, and also digitally viewed course books for the course. This will be immediatly accessible after enrolling.

For the live classes and cohorts, you will be able to join these after bayiong 100% course fee. All live cohorts are on our private GPNi Microsoft Teams groups and are also all recorded in case you are too busy or unable to attend - so you will not miss a thing.

Enroll Now

Enroll Now To PNE Level-1 With ISSN-SNS!

Class sizes are limited due to ensure quality teacher and student ratios. Therefore it is highly advised to sign up early. The PNE Level-1 With ISSN-SNS is very popular, so the live cohort's have a limited seating of 30 people per "live" cohort. 

By enrolling in the early bird offer, you can save up to 15% off the regular price, and guarantee your seat. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A question often asked is why both the PNE-L1 + ISSN-SNS, also the PNE-L2 Masters + ISSN-CISSN (Certified Sports Nutritionist) certification course by the GPNi, are superior compared to other sports nutrition certifications in the world, such as:

  • NASM-CSNC (Certified Sports Nutrition Coach) 
  • Precision Nutrition PN Level-2 Masters (Master Health Coach)
  • ISSA – Nutritionist Certification 
  • ACE – Fitness Nutrition Specialist 
  • Clean Health Institute – Performance Nutrition Coach 
  • Sports Nutrition Association – Certified in Applied Sports Nutrition 


There are many reasons why the GPNi international certifications course is superior to all others. Please review below these five key points that make this certification superior to other sports nutrition certifications in the world:

Point One: Created by The Real Experts & Pioneers  

The #1 reason is that NONE of these other sports’ nutrition certifications are created by experts in the field, but rather copied and pasted works from other research publications. Other sports nutrition programs are cookie-cutter online, simple courses made for the mass market and simply there to make money, but not bring any real tangible value to the students. Often the is the case, the materials themselves are put together by interns or outsourced to 3rd parties. 

The authors and creators of the ISSN certifications and all course content by the GPNi are created by the original Ph.D. researchers and pioneers of sports nutrition.  

If you want 2nd or even 3rd hand-non-authentic content that is likely outdated, then the other certifications may be for you. If you are enjoying the most updated, science-backed, authentic, and directly from the source, then the GPNi certifications courses are for you! 

Point Two: CISSN The Only Globally Recognized & Respected Certification 

The ISSN certifications and courses by the GPNi are the only truly recognized academic and university-recognized certifications. Many dieticians, nutritionists, and others that do not have enough knowledge in Sports Nutrition will elect to be certified with the ISSN-CISSN, as the CISSN (standing for Certified Sports Nutritionist) is the only globally recognized acronym they can use next to their name and credentials. You will see many academics and master-level trainers with their names and the “CISSN” acronym next to their names. 

None of the other cookie-cutter sports nutrition certifications have this value or respect by dieticians and nutritionists worldwide. 

 Be proud to flash your credentials next to your name, “John Smith, CISSN, or Jane Smith, CISSN,” like no other certification can offer. 

PLEASE NOTE: For those looking to enroll in the PNE-L1 + ISSN-SNS, this is your first step towards obtaining the master’s Level certification as you must first have Level-1 before enrolling into the Level-2 Masters's course.  Other entry routes are if you are pre-qualified to do so (dietician, nutritionist). If so, contact us through to see if you are, or apply directly with the “GPNi Masters Pack,” which includes both PNE-L1 + SNS and PNE-L2 + CISSN together with a package price.

Point Three: Only Dedicated True Sports Nutrition Certification 

All the ISSN certifications on the GPNi portal are dedicated to the highest level of sports nutrition, research, education, and certification. The GPNi, the Global Performance Nutrition Institute, is the official and exclusive online education partner for the ISSN for the International Society of Sports Nutrition.  

The GPNi portal is only dedicated to sports nutrition, nothing else. At the same time, all the other programs are a jack of all trades, with everything from Yoga to Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning, and even rehabilitation certifications. They cannot be experts, especially in sports nutrition, if they are to keep up with all the science and research. 

Point Four: Live Access to Experts  

Exclusively through GPNi, get “access to experts” with the “live” classes. Ask questions to the researchers and top-level experts in the world of sports nutrition to grow your knowledge to a new level.  

GPNi portal has a unique blend of online live classes and on-demand professional filmed video tutorials. Get the best of both flexible online learning, real 360-degree education, and the ability to ask expert questions and learn. Plug into the “live” class schedule when your schedule permits to take your learning to a new level and study on your schedule with online professionally filmed playback video tutorials with Ph.D.-level expert lectures. 

Point Five: Who You Know, Not Just What You Know 

At the GPNi, you will be placed into a live cohort class for the “live” education classes. Within each class, you will be meeting, networking, and learning from other students from all over your country and, in some cases, all over the globe. At the GPNi, we have seen countless students upgrade their career paths simply by meeting new contacts and growing in the sports nutrition industry by knowing more people and thus having more opportunities. None of the other certifications have “live” classes, group assignments, or the ability to offer a global network in sports nutrition.  

As stated in Point Three above as well, the other “so-called” other sports nutrition programs are not dedicated to sports nutrition but a jack of all trades. They also lack any solid network globally in sports nutrition. 

Procedure After Enrollment

You will be able to begin your certification courses by the GPNi immediately after enrolment with the on-demand online tutorials and digital course book. 

Timing Of Certifications & Study

Both the Level-1 and Level-2 certifications can be self-paced.  You can take your time with lifetime access to the course content online for all active members yearly.  The live cohorts run throughout the year, and you can access these by booking in with the administration to determine which live class dates suit your schedule.

PNE Level-1 + SNS

Most people complete this Level-1 certification within 5 months after beginning and a maximum of 8 months.

PNE Level-2 Masters + CISSN

Most people complete this Level-2 Masters certification within 8 months after beginning and a maximum of 12 months.

Enroll Now:


Or get in contact now and schedule a call to learn more or ask questions HERE or at 

The CISSN Level-2 Masters ISSN certification and course by the GPNi is for those that want to position themselves at the top level in sports and professional athlete nutrition. Boost your knowledge, qualification, and career”.  

–Drew Campbell CEO & Founder of GPNi® / CISSN

“Having the CISSN gives me the confidence in providing sports nutrition advice and maximizing my patient’s health and performance.”  

–Erik Bustillo RD / CISSN

“The CISSN credential is great! It is essential if you are working with both recreational and elite athletes.”  

–Arlene Semeco RD World-Class Swimmer / CISSN

"The CISSN is the hardest certification exam I've ever taken. But it was well worth it."

-Lia Jiannine PhD

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