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Over 3 hours of jam-packed value with global experts in training, gyms, and sports nutrition. Leveraging off decades of expertise in the personal training business and sports nutrition; The Science Of Building A Successful PT Business. 

Expert Lectures List

  • Bob Alejo CSCS*D, RSCC*E
  • Juan Carlos Santana MS CSCS FNSCA
  • Pete Bommarito MS CSCS
  • Tony Ricci DSci CISSN CSNS FISSN
  • Paul Christopher ATC
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What Each Speaker Will Talk About

There is six speaker in total, here are four one minute introductsions of the six. 

Juan Carlos Santana MS CSCS FNSCA - What I've learned running the Institute of Human Performance - BIOFitness maverick, founder of the Institute of Human Performance (IHP), dynamic speaker, sought-after consultant, prolific author; for over 30 years Juan Carlos “JC”. 


Paul Christopher ATC, CSCS - Boutigue gym nutrition service strategies: exploring various avenues of implementation. BIO: Paul Christopher has been an established fitness professional, operating in the Boca Raton area for over 20 years. . In 2009 Paul founded the fitness brand/concept Gravity + Oxygen, as an off-season conditioning program for South Florida’s professional beach volleyball players.

Bob Alejo CSCS*D, RSCC*E - Lessons from working with collegiate and professional athletes  - BIO: Bob Alejo is the Director for Performance and Student-Athlete Welfare at Cal State Northridge. Alejo brings a wealth of experience in the area of sports performance to CSUN. He was the Director of Sports Science for Power Lift, where he handled the day-to-day discussion about athletic performance and the science surrounding it.

Tony Ricci DSci CISSN CSNS FISSN - Psychological factors influencing exercise participation and adherence - BIO: Dr. Ricci is an Assistant Professor at Nova Southeastern University in Exercise and Sport Science. Additionally, he is the founder of Fightshape International, a multi-discipline performance enhancement company, through which he has coached scores of professional athletes in fight sports including 6 World Champions.

Global Expert Talks

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Is This Webinar For You?

If you are in the business or a trainer, these Webinar series are for you will be for you to help you earn more $$ and be better at what you do.  This current webinar titled "The Science Of Building a Successful PT Business"

Specifically, if you are:

  • Gym & PT Studio Owners
  • Fitness Professional & Personal Trainers
  • Health Coaches
  • Group Fitness Instructors
  • Registered Dietitians



Webinar Schedule & Speakers

The International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN®) held this live webinar with the who’s who and leading experts in the field of sports nutrition, exercise science and business owners in the training space.  It was held with great regard from the live listeners logging in from throughout the globe with many golden nugget takeaways in improving and building their own personal training and gym business.

The More Your Learn - The More You Earn

  • Juan Carlos Santana MS CSCS FNSCA
  • Paul Christopher ATC
  • Pete Bommarito MS CSCS
  • Bob Alejo CSCS*D, RSCC*E
  • Tony Ricci DSci CISSN CSNS FISSN

Webinar Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways Include:

  • All The Ins & Outs of The Personal Training Business
  • What Are the Mistakes Many Trainers Make in Their Business & Ways To Avoid Them?
  • How To Incorporate Sports Nutrition Strategy into Your Business For Strength & Conditioning Trainers
  • What Advice to Give & Not Give for Supplements & Nutrition.
  • Who Do the Experts Go to Advice?
  • How Are Professional Athletes Coached In Sports Nutrition

CEC Webinar Credits

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Watch and learn from the global elite training and sports nutrition experts and grow your PT business with these knowledge bombs!

For those that missed the “live” version, you are very fortunate now to be given the opportunity to watch the on-demand version and watch it as many times as you wish for one year after purchase.  Sit back, relax in the comfort of your own home or office and watch all to lap up the amazing knowledge gained from these elite-level experts to grow and improve your business and earnings in personal training.  


The More You Learn, The More You Earn!

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Watch Anytime Anywhere

Over 3 hours of jam-packed value with global experts in training, gyms, and sports nutrition. Leveraging off decades of expertise in the personal training business and sports nutrition; The Science Of Building A Successful PT Business. 

ISSN conferences and webinars, now with an on-demand option; view for up to one year after purchase as many times as you wish.  This online webinar was held on September September 18th, 2021 attendees viewing live from all around the globe.

History Of The ISSN®

The ISSN® was 'founded' in 2003 in San Francisco USA by, Jose Antonio PhD, Doug Kalman PhD RD, Richard Kreider PhD, Susan Kleiner PhD RD and Anthony Almada MSc.

The ISSN® is the world's leader in providing science-based sports nutrition and supplement information. The ISSN® peer-reviewed journal (JISSN®), conferences, and attendees are the key influencers and thought-leaders in the sports nutrition and supplement field.

The ISSN® Is Recognized By Established Academic Societies – The Gold Standard

The ISSN® is also recognized by many Universities as offering the latest, cutting edge and non-biased information about the science and application of sports nutrition and supplements.

Our Happy & Qualified Student Alumni

Since 2003, The ISSN® has certified thousands of Sports Nutrition Specialist (SNS), and Sports Nutritionists (CISSN Master Level) across the world to ensure to upgrade their knowledge and skills; all of which is backed by science and research.

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GPNi® is the official global online partner for The International Society of Sports Nutrition, The ISSN®.

GPNi® is an-all access portal, to begin and advance your in sports nutrition to an elite level with blossoming career opportunities.

GPNi® is the world’s first science backed performance nutrition online education portal to be offered in multiple countries and available in multiple languages.

GPNi® has a unique blend of on-demand content, together with live tutorials and classroom style online solution to give the most authentic and quality education solution.

Plug into the world’s network fellow fitness professionals and business owners for career and learning opportunities like no other certification offers.

Exclusive access to the world’s most famous and leading sports nutrition researchers and experts through the GPNi® “Access to Experts” live tutorials. Upgrade your knowledge also global network like no other certification can.

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