PNE Level-1 + SNS

The PNE Level-1 + ISSN-SNS (Sports Nutrition Specialist) certification on the GPNi® portal is our 'foundation' sports nutrition certification and is a great lead-in to the more advanced CISSN certification.

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What you will learn

Nutrient timing incorporates the use of methodical planning and eating of whole foods, fortified foods, and dietary supplements.
The timing of energy intake and the ratio of certain ingested macronutrients may enhance recovery and tissue repair, augment muscle protein synthesis (MPS), and improve mood states following high-volume or intense exercise.
Best natural nutritional supplements and whole foods to boost physical performance.
Optimal dosages of key nutritional ingredients for maximum efficacy, safety and longevity.
The right sports nutrition plan for the right athlete and athletic performance.
Traffic light systems on supplementation (products) that are proven to work and backed by science according to ISSN? literature.
In-depth understanding of the ISSN? Position Stands.
Ethics and best standards of practice for performance nutrition.

The #1 Leading Authority In International Sports Nutrition Certifications

The PNE Leve-1 + ISSN-SNS (Sports Nutrition Specialist) certification on the GPNi® portal is our 'foundation' sports nutrition certification and is a great lead-in to the more advanced CISSN certification.

Gives personal trainers and other fitness professionals a competitive edge in their industry.

All health/fitness/medical professionals working with athletes or active individuals should have a fundamental understanding of the adaptive response to exercise and the role nutrition plays in the acute and chronic response to exercise.

This is a double certification that includes:

  • ISSN Sports Nutrition Specialist (SNS) 
  • Performance Nutrition Expert (PNE) Level-1

This course will prepare you for the ISSN Sports Nutrition Specialist (ISSN-SNS) Exam

• Fundamental nutrition and exercise concepts will be thoroughly covered

• Sports nutrition science, application, supplementation, and research will be examined

Current research, trends, and topics in sports nutrition will be highlighted and reviewed

• The course covers more than just exam topics

• New concepts are covered to ensure you are a well-rounded and informed sports nutrition specialist

Are There Other Costs 

  • No, there are no other costs.  The exam fee, listing, and certification all include this fee.  If you wish to receive a hard copy of the certification after successfully passing the exam, there is a small international logistics fee of USD$49, this is the only additional fee. 

The GPNi® Satisfaction Guarantee

  • At GPNi®, we guarantee our quality and your satisfaction with a 45 money-back guarantee. 
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  • • On-demand video content – 25+ hours
  • • Live-streaming class – 10+ hours.
  • • Homework & presentations – 15+ hours.
  • • Reading & review – approximately – 15-25hours
  • • Exam – 1.5hours.
  • • Live online tutorials + Q&A with expert lectures
  • • Group assignments + new connections with students based globally



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Additional Free Bonuses One-year free GPNi membership - worth USD$99 a year

Membership Includes:

• Exclusive Access to GPNi online “Members Corner”. • Online sports nutrition tools. • GPNi-TV sports nutrition conferences of the world (ISSN + Sports Dietician) with over 50 hours of content  free. • Exclusive Members WhatsApp group. • Exclusive Facebook Private Members Group. • 2.5 CEC upon renewal. • Once a month ability to GPNi “Ask an Expert” a private question.


“It’s Who You Know, Not Just What You Know”


Course Access Gives You

• GPNi Student Center with full on-demand course access • Microsoft Teams exclusive class group for chats and “live” classes • Presentation assessment and grading for PNE Level-1 certification • Online exam for the ISSN-SNS certification.


There are many thousands of certified SNS® and CISSN® professionals in the world today, these consist of:

  • • Fitness Professional & Personal Trainers
  • • Nurses & Doctors
  • • Health Coaches
  • • Group Fitness Instructors
  • • Registered Dietitians
  • • Fitness Lovers
  • • Parents

Lenka Sutra

“I was looking for the perfect course that combined theoretical knowledge and practical experience in sports nutrition for many years.  

After much research, I chose The ISSN Sports Nutrition Specialist (SNS) on the GPNi® portal.  
I was greatly impressed with the new knowledge I gained also the course flow with the blend of on-demand content together with “live” online Zoom tutorials and class group.

For those in the fitness industry, I highly recommended getting ISSN certified on the GPNi® portal and upgrading your knowledge and career at the same time.

Ana Terra

As qualified nutritionist myself, I am so happy I signed up for the SNS certification. I learned a great deal more about sports nutrition that I had originally imagined.  Having access to world renowned experts in field and the working with the most up to date research really makes this sports nutrition certification standout among the rest".

Holly Priestland

The importance of nutrition in performance is well-known; yet a-majority of certifications will either barely scratch the surface or offer a “Nutrition 101” version of the information. The ISSN SNS certification by GPNi® is different - the depth of the knowledge you’ll learn on this course goes above and beyond.  It will set you apart as a fitness professional.”

Chenny Chen

Being a Fitness professional I have been searching quality Sports Nutrition courses in depth and I was very happy to study with the GPNi® the ISSN-SNS certification course provides much detailed in look in various specific sports types with elite nutrition leaders as instructors. Nutrition is a journey everyday and for life.  I'm very happy to choose GPNi® and be certified with ISSN on my journey.

Claudia Sachse

Over the past few years, my interest in sports and nutrition grew, while the different concepts and opinions seemed confusing. The SNS course was a challenge for me, as I have no prior educational background on this topic, but professional teaching, a well- structured outline and access to the latest science information connected all aspects to a coherent picture of sports nutrition.

James Thompson

Transforming my body and life in the past few years wasn’t easy work - it took a lot of perseverance.  35kg body fat loss would have been impossible without the right knowledge and attitude.  Learning from the best with the GPNi® and the ISSN certification I highly recommend anyone looking to improve their lives for the better.

Emanuele Mediati 

I am so happy I signed up for the SNS certification. I learned a great deal more about sports nutrition that I had originally imagined.  To grow your career in fitness, where nutrition is often 80% of results, understanding and being certified is key.  Being certified by the global authority is also key.

Mark Sampson

As a qualified master chef in the plant-based meat game, I need to continuously improve my understanding of nutrition to improve what we make. Taking the course with Dr Reid Real was fantastic and I highly recommend for anyone wanting to up their game in higher level nutrition with the GPNi® and the ISSN certification.

Darren Wong

Being a fitness professional and business owner providing the top-quality service and advice to clients, I need to be on the top of my game at all times.  Studying and being certified by the global leaders in sports nutrition, The ISSN and GPNi has helped to take my game to the next level.

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  • Course Duration
    70+ Hours
  • Course Type
    Certification Course
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This Course Includes
  • Modules
  • Chapters
  • Module 1: Course Introduction & Nutrition Fundamentals
  • Module 2: Skeletal Muscle Support Systems
  • Module 3: Energy Expenditure and Balance
  • Module 4: Nutrition & Performance, Dietary Trends
  • Module 5: Dietary Supplements & Ergogenic Aids
  • Module 6: Exercise, Hydration & Nutrition Considerations
  • Module 7: Sports Nutrition Applications
  • Module 8: Exam Review & Assignment Discussion
  • The International Society of Sports Nutrition - Advisory Board

    Card image cap
    Erica Stump
    (Legal Advisor)
    Card image cap
    Sue Graves
    (Scientific Advisor)
    Card image cap
    Rick Collins
    (Legal Advisor)
    Card image cap
    David Sandler
    (Performance Training Advisor)
    Card image cap
    Robert Wildman
    (Scientific Advisor)
    Card image cap
    Robert Alejo
    (Sports Performance Consultant)
    Card image cap
    Ralf Jager
    (Scientific Advisor)
    Card image cap
    Darren Candow
    (Sports Science Advisor)
    Card image cap
    Colin Wilborn
    (Scientific Advisor)
    Card image cap
    Corey Peacock
    (Performance Consultant)
    Card image cap
    Lem Taylor
    (Scientific Advisor and Past President)
    Card image cap
    Lia jiannine
    (Public Health Advisor)
    Card image cap
    Bill Campbell
    (Past President 2015-2017)
    Card image cap
    Ben Kenyon
    (Performance Consultant)
    Card image cap
    Tim Ziegenfuss
    (Past President 2009-2011)
    Card image cap
    Christopher Algieri
    (Performance Nutrition Advisor
    Card image cap
    Jeffrey Stout
    (Scientific Advisor and Past President 2006-2008)
    Card image cap
    Susan Kleiner
    (Scientific Advisor and Co-Founder)
    Card image cap
    Roger Harris
    (Scientific Advisor)
    Card image cap
    Jaime Tartar
    (Sports Neuroscience Advisor)
    Card image cap
    Abbie Smith
    (Scientific Advisor)
    Card image cap
    Anthony Ricci
    (Sports Neuroscience Advisor)
    Card image cap
    Richard Kreider
    (Scientific Advisor and Co-Founder)
    Card image cap
    Victoria Burgess
    (Performance Nutrition Consultant)
    Card image cap
    Darryn Willoughby
    (Scientific Advisor and Past President)
    Card image cap
    Arny Ferrando
    (Scientific Advisor)
    Card image cap
    Guillermo Escalante
    (Scientific Advisor)
    Card image cap
    Shawn Arent
    (Past President 2018-2020)
    Card image cap
    Chad Kerksick
    (Vice President 2021-2023)
    Card image cap
    Erik Bustillo
    (Vice President 2021-2023)
    Card image cap
    Trisha Van Dusseldorp
    (President 2021-2023)

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