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CISSN Level-2 Masters Cohort Open

14 Mar,2022

The CISSN Level-2 Masters certification sign-up is now available as a fully online course for the first time exclusively through the GPNi®.  There will currently be only one CISSN Level-2 Masters Cohort in the English language for 2022, and it is now 70% full.  Live classes will begin in May. 

Students will have instant access to the on-demand SNS Level-1 and members section to review and begin immediately upon signing up.

The CISSN Level-2 Masters prelaunch has finished last month, but the early bird special is still currently available now. The early bird discount will end on March 31st. 

CISSN Level-2 Masters Pricing

  • Retail Price – USD$2,649
  • Early Bird - USD$1,988 (Before March 31st)
  • Previous SNS Students - USD$1,688 (Need to Supply Proof Of Certification)


The first course will be all “live” sessions on Zoom, together with all recorded on-demand content available for those who are busy or wish to watch the playback. The “live” sessions will begin at the end of May 2022. 

Double Certification - PNE Level-2

The  2nd certification is the Performance Nutrition Expert Level-2 (PNE Level-2), by GPNi®.   This certification requires students to be tested on their pr practical knowledge, case study, and presentations you will need to do throughout the course and pass to receive. The CISSN is for exam 200 multiple choice questions only. There is only one exam, the CISSN official exam.

The presentation and practical side of things are to test students' level of comprehension of things and their ability to use in the knowledge "real world" with a case study and presentation based on an athlete.

Not everyone can join the CISSN course, as one of the prerequisites is being SNS certified and having a relevant degree in nutrition or fitness for the CISSN course with the GPNi®. 

To Be Eligible To Apply. 


CISSN is not one level above SNS, however many levels above. It should only be applied by those that are very serious about their career, study, and eligible to do so.

CISSN is recognized by many academics and Universities in the world. You will often see Ph.D. experts using the “CISSN” acronym next to their name, which is, therefore, one of the most recognized and respected sports nutrition certifications in the world today. 

Apart from just learning and getting certified, you will be recognized globally as one of the top in your field and plugged into a career advancement network through the ISSN & the GPNi®. 

Maximum & Minimum Numbers:

  • There will be only 1 X CISSN Level-2 Masters held this year in 2022.
  • This is in the English language only with multiple other language option announcements coming later this month.


The next CISSN Level-2 Masters will be announced for the year 2023 late 2022. For those wishing to be certified in 2022, this is the only opportunity. 

For those not yet SNS certified or do not have hold a relevant degree, we have the SNS + CISSN “Masters Pack” available.

ISSN-SNS Level-1 + CISSN Master Level-2 (Masters Pack)

  • Retail Price – USD$2,998  
  • Early Bird – USD$2,698 (Before March 31st)


If you are looking at signing up with a friend (2 or more) there will be a total of USD$125 deducted from all prices above. 

Live Lectures Taught By Three Famous Ph.D. Level Experts Below:

  • Dr. Roger Adams (CISSN & Owner Of Eatrightfitness)
  • Dr. Vince Kreipke (CISSN & athlete) 


And Special Guest Lecturer Below

  • Dr. Jose (CEO & Co-Founder of the ISSN)
  • Dr. Trisha (President ISSN & CISSN)


If you want to sign up or find more information, please email as we need to check your eligibility first, so you cannot purchase directly online: 

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